Thomas van der Berg(tmsbrg) is a programmer from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Currently working in IT security. He likes free and open source software and advocates it loudly.

Working in IT security as ethical hacker since september 2016. Current activities include:

  • Hacking web applications
  • Taking over web servers
  • Performing man in the middle (mitm) attacks
  • Scanning networks, ports and services to find weaknesses
  • Writing reports on security findings
  • Creating awareness with presentations and giving training about ethical hacking

Previous activity has included:

  • Code review for security issues
  • Automating security tests
  • Angering security officers

It’s easy to run tools to find known vulnerabilities, but I prefer finding the unknown ones. Want to learn more about exploiting native programs as well (reverse engineering, debugging, causing overflows, bypassing ASLR, etc.).

Some of the tools I have experience with:

  • Kali linux
  • nmap
  • Burp Suite
  • fierce, dnsmap, etc.
  • curl, wget, httpie, etc.
  • lots of smaller tools

Programming related:

  • C (worked on µTox, a free as in freedom encrypted chat client, development now is pretty dead)
  • C++ (including some graphics stuff with SFML and OpenGL)
  • C# (graduation project was in C#)
  • Java
  • Go
  • Python (go-to scripting language)
  • gdb
  • Bash scripting and Linux tools
  • Makefiles

Company profiles worked for so far:

  • International bank
  • International insurer
  • Local media company

I’m interested in independent assignments as well. If you have a website or company and would like me to review the security or try to hack into it, send me a mail! See contact info below.

CEH. Currently preparing for OSCP, hope to be able to say I’ve achieved it later in 2018! For preparation I’m working through some open hackable machines, HackTheBox, etc.


Things I like include:

  • History
  • Linux
  • Free and open source software
  • (Old) games and Let’s Plays
  • Music (especially classical, and 8-bit)
  • Cats
  • (Digital) human rights
  • Travelling

I made this site with Jekyll, which is a cool framework. I don’t need dynamic content! If you want to comment on a post of mine, e-mail me or send me a Twitter message (I don’t post much on Twitter but I actively check it).

See also Projects.

My contact info is on the bottom of every page. Send me a mail with an interesting offer! No viagra please!